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Making Ourselves More Accessible (Digitally)

With great excitement, I announce the next phase of our brand renewal.

We are undertaking this for several reasons; however, the main reason is that our current colour palette is not digitally accessible. 

Websites, presentations, and other digital communications are important aspects of creating a more digitally accessible and inclusive organization. 

New Colour Palette

Our old colour palette is not accessible in digital media. The new darker colours allow for greater contrast between pale backgrounds and text. This can make it difficult for some visitors and readers to read and access our materials.

So, how did we come to this conclusion, and how did we avoid this mistake going forward?  The answer is quite easy— we did an internet search!  I am fibbing.  One of my colleagues, Hajer, has a Ph.D. in this area. Lucky for me, she told me about a couple of free online tools to help us understand our current issue and how to fix it.  blue contrast failure

Her best suggestion is to visit WebAIM. They have a colour contrast checker and a link contrast checker. The tool makes it easy to check your colours to see how they rate according to WCAG AA and WCAG AAA standards.  The image below shows that our primary blue colour did not pass the test.  Neither did our other primary colours.

This is not a concern just on our websites.  We conduct a large volume of DEI training & development for our clients. We use the same colour palette for PowerPoint templates.  Therefore, we are doing some of our clients a disservice. 

We are also adding an underline to our links so that there is a visual cue that is not directly tied to the colour scheme. A simple change but useful. 

Further, the use of red and yellow can be triggering for some users. At the same time, our new palette removes those potential risks and brings in dark blue, maroon, and purple, which can be calming.  Even our choice of an amber or orange may stimulate positively. New Palette Colour Strips

The colour scheme also portrays wisdom, energy, optimism, and renewal. These match CCDI Consulting's mission to bring positive change to organizations through people.

New Wordmark

When we launched CCDI Consulting Inc's website in the first quarter of 2022, though we modernized the wreath of the maple leaves logo, we continued to use it. This has led to some confusion among our clients and website visitors.  To show that we are making a break from the past and charting a new course to support organizations in the inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) journeys, we are introducing a simple new wordmark. 

Logo - CCDI Consulting Jan 2023 -1

The new wordmark is classic and elegant, giving a professional tone using our new dark blue and amber colours. It continues to use the font Arial. One of the cleanest, clearest and most legible fonts around.

We appreciate that the changes will take some time, so thank you in advance for your patience.