Inclusive Leadership Through a Cultural Competence Lens | Webinar Recording

In our ever-more interconnected world, the ability to communicate effectively across cultures and skillfully navigate conflicts has become indispensable for inclusive leaders. This one-hour webinar delved into the crucial realm of inclusive leadership, viewed through the lens of cultural competence.

Led by our proficient Angèle Lalonde, Director of Human Resources and certified IDI® Assessor, this webinar provided valuable insights and practical strategies for fostering collaboration, innovation, and productivity within diverse teams. Here's a recap of what we covered:


    1. Introduction to Inclusive Leadership: Understand the essence of inclusive leadership and its pivotal role in modern organizational dynamics.

    2. Understanding Cultural Competence: Dive into the concept of cultural competence, exploring its impact on communication, empathy, and effective leadership.

    3. The Intersection of Inclusive Leadership and Cultural Competence: Uncover the powerful synergy between inclusive leadership and cultural competence, discovering how they mutually reinforce each other.

    4. Practical Tools and Techniques: Acquire actionable tools and techniques that can be applied to enhance your inclusive leadership capabilities.

    5. Creating an Inclusive Leadership Action Plan: Understand the importance of a personalized action plan to cultivate a workplace that thrives on diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence.

If you missed the live session or want to revisit the valuable content, you can now access the recording. This is your opportunity to discover the transformative power of inclusive leadership and gain practical insights that can enhance your leadership approach.


Thank you for your participation, and we look forward to your continued engagement in our future events.

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